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The Blue Huckleberry

There are many species of blueberries and huckleberries. In the last two blogs, I focused on several species of blueberry – lowbush blueberry and highbush blueberry and one species of huckleberry – the black huckleberry. There is another species of huckleberry that grows in the pine barrens and unlike the black huckleberry that has black fruit, the dangleberry huckleberry grows blue fruit.

This shrub is found in the U.S. coastal plain from New Hampshire to Georgia and thrives in acidic sandy soils. Its blossoms are greenish buff with tinges of orange. Its berries are powder blue.

It, too, has edible berries. Birds and wildlife enjoy these blue fruits and so do I. But again, be cautious as to what you eat in the wild. There are poisonous berries everywhere!!!

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