Reptiles and Amphibians

Is it a Stick? A Blade of Grass? No it’s a Snake!

While walking around our home the other day, I saw what appeared to be a twig sticking up out of the ornamental bushes surrounding the air conditioner.  I went to pull it out of the bushes only to find that this “stick” was a black snake that poked its head out of the shrubs and […]

Southern Pine Snake Stands Its Ground!

When Anne and I walked on the sidewalk near Lake Tsala Apopka here in Florida, a woman cautioned us about a snake on the walkway ahead. When we were on Long Island in New York, we would never be concerned about snakes because there were no poisonous snake even in the wildest of areas. Rattlesnakes were […]

The Irish Jig in July

It was a beautiful July morning in central Florida. The sun’s warm rays heated the still air causing clouds to billow in the distance. Anne and I decided to take a quick walk before thunderstorms dropped copious amounts of rains forcing us to stay indoors for the rest of the day. After going out the […]

Shh! Don’t Tell Anne!

To say Anne does not like any creature with too many legs or no legs at all is an understatement. While walking along Lake Tsala Apopka recently she retreated behind me pushing me forward because she spotted a four-foot long snake on the ground that we nearly stepped on. It remained motionless even as I […]

Gator Love!

Bellows reverberate in a Florida cypress swamp. I assume the noise is from cars with bad mufflers on a nearby highway, but Anne points out that it is alligators making that guttural roar. The sound is so loud at times that it vibrates the wooden walkway we are on. That is astonishing since alligators don’t […]

Lake Tsala Apopka – Florida

A chain of lakes, wetlands and islands consisting of 19,000 acres makes up Lake Tsala Apopka. Three large “pools” – the Floral City Pool, the Inverness Pool and the Hernando Pool – are within Tsala Apopka Lake. It is part of the Withlacoochee River system. The chain of lakes was once linked to the river […]

Cricket Frog Goes for a Swim!

Swimming in the community pool, a stone’s throw from Lake Tsala Apopka, Anne and I see what appears to be a tiny frog clinging to the side of the pool. Upon closer examination we see that, yes, it is a cricket frog. Anyone who lives in our community or near a lake in the south likely […]