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The Beautiful Banded Sphinx Moth

The Beautiful Banded Sphinx Moth

When Anne takes the mail out, she calls me from our front porch. “I know your foot hurts, but you might want to bring your camera,” she tells me. Having just injured my right foot, I hobble over to the love seat, grab my camera and painfully limp over to the front door. To my […]

The Exquisite Scarlet Ibis

One of the most stunning wading bird is the world is the scarlet ibis, a South American bird of wetlands, shorelines and mud flats in South America’s estuaries, bays and rain forests. It probes the shallow waters, mud and plants with its curved, slender bills eating crayfish, shrimp, insects, frogs, crabs, worms and small fish. […]

World’s Most Abundant Penguin

Unlike other penguins that waddle as they walk or slide on their bellies on snow, the rockhopper penguin hops over rocks and stones on the rocky coasts they live on. The rockhopper penguin was thought to be a single species, but it has been determined that there are 3 distinct species. Rockhoppers live at the […]