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What IS That Bird?


“What kind of bird looks like a small heron, but is black and white? We see it every evening down by the lake.”  This is a question that several Arbor Lakes residents asked me recently on my daily walks and in the pool. Without having seen the bird, I suggested that it could be an immature heron, but I would have to see it to be sure.

As I approached the lake, after being stopped by people curious about the bird, I was extra vigilant in looking for this mysterious bird. I saw a small dark blue-gray and white, sleek  heron-like bird walking along the edge of the lake eating prey hiding in the grasses. It was very shy and I could not get close to it to grab a clear photograph of it. But from what I could see, it appeared to be an immature little blue heron.

Later that evening, bird guides confirmed my educated guess. I re-visited the area several times attempting to capture better photographs of this very elusive bird, but each time it maintained a 300 foot or more distance from me.

So neighbors, to answer your question – it is an immature little blue heron! I hope that this heron remains in the area long enough that I can photograph it as an adult.

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