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A Wetland Violet

Walking through the red maple/black gum freshwater wetlands along the Connetquot River in New York, I see small blue-violet plants on moss hummocks, on the exposed root balls from blown over trees and along the edges of creeks and small streams.

As I bend down to get a closer look, I see hairless heart-shaped leaves with blueish blossoms of a wild violet. Its flower is darker towards its center and there are short white “beards” lining the center. It is the native marsh blue violet.

When you identify plants, it is helpful to know what habitat it grows in. Some trees, shrubs, and wildflowers prefer wet, saturated soils and others thrive where the soils are sandy and dry and many variations of the two.

The Marsh blue violet likes it wet so if you are east of the Mississippi and have wetlands in your area, look for this pretty little violet.

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